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Five years ago, I spoke with an elderly gentlemen about Dallas real estate. He’d been a well-known Dallas architect in his day, and said the future of real estate needed to evolve into “grouping home, work and retail together.”

Like it used to be.

We’ve got nothing on him, do we?

Today, we use fancy words like “new urbanism” to describe a new trend, or the next big thing. Words that say exactly the same thing he said (with an occasional bent towards saving energy).

Dallas is known for not being as public transportation friendly as other cities like New York or Chicago. But we’ve come a long way in a city that’s so spread out.

Like the gentleman said, our focus should be on creating new areas that people want to flock to–places that feel like home, are close to work, don’t look like naked strip malls, and have trees that are taller than my dog.

We’ll get there.

In the meantime, I hope these “new urbanist” ideas stay with us.


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