Uptown Dallas – Building and Selling

You’ll want to hurry if you’re in the market for an uptown luxury Dallas Condominium.

According to the Dallas Morning News, while the economic downturn has slowed demand, it hasn’t obliterated it, particularly in the luxury market. Case in point – The Residences at the Ritz Carlton. Uptown has out performed other Dallas districts, and the Ritz Carleton, a high end luxury Dallas Condominium Residence, is about 2/3 under contract, with occupancy planned for June 2009.

While the rest of the country is experiencing serious collapse in real estate, Dallas is experiencing a boom, thanks to the demand uptown and in Victory Park for new construction, offices, residences. Dallas is growing. Dallas is succeeding.

And Dallas is building.

At The Residences at the Ritz Carleton, you will find the ultimate in luxury, lifestyle, and amenities – all in the heart of this thriving uptown center. For the latest update on the Ritz Carleton, and other new luxury residences, give me a call.

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