Tuscan Elegance at the Vallera

Tuscan elegance – right here in Dallas. That’s what you’ll find at the Vallera Condos. Cypress trees, vineyards, olive groves, terracotta. Tranquil, traditional, relaxed – and in town contemporary.

Yes, these Dallas condominiums have spacious balconies or terraces. Yes, all the details of Tuscan style are incorporated into your Vallera home, from the red tile “Firestone” roof which has a high R insulating layer to the mouldings, stone backsplashes and countertops,  to the windows which can manually open for outside air. You also have the latest in wiring for digital cable and satellite drops, and split sleeping plans in the bedrooms for work at home lifestyles.

Nestled in Oak Lawn, these Dallas condominiums have beautiful views from light, airy sun drenched windows. Upscale dining, beautiful greenery, and easily accessible to shopping, grocery, boutiques and the downtown and Arts district, The Vallera has a serene and up tempo lifestyle.

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A Real Estate Blog by CondoDomain