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Buying a Dallas Condo VS a Dallas Home

Why buy a house in the suburbs when you can own a condo in the city?
Take advantage of this pedestrian friendly city by walking or utilizing DART to get to work rather than fighting the city traffic.
Because of the high demand for Dallas condos, many new condo developments continue to be built throughout the city. New condos in Dallas are quickly becoming the most sought after real estate in the Dallas metropolitan area.
Living in a condo has its pluses and minuses but living in a condo in Dallas or any …

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More About Dallas Foreclosures

You can get a great deal with a Dallas foreclosure, but you have to be aware of a few things. Dallas foreclosures are a great opportunity, but don’t go into the venture alone, especially if you are new to buying real estate.

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Uptown Dallas – Building and Selling

You’ll want to hurry if you’re in the market for an uptown luxury Dallas Condominium. Case in point – The Residences at the Ritz Carlton. Uptown has out performed other Dallas districts, and the Ritz Carleton, a high end luxury Dallas Condominium Residence, is about 2/3 under contract, with occupancy planned for June 2009.

Dallas is a Football Town

In 2011, when we host the Superbowl at the new Dallas Cowboys’ Stadium in Arlington, we could see a ticketed crowd of up to 120,000 fans. You know, with money from tickets for that game alone, plus revenue for hotels, restaurants, businesses – that one game could generate close to the billion dollars into the local economy for Dallas!

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