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Buying a Dallas Condo VS a Dallas Home

Why buy a house in the suburbs when you can own a condo in the city?
Take advantage of this pedestrian friendly city by walking or utilizing DART to get to work rather than fighting the city traffic.
Because of the high demand for Dallas condos, many new condo developments continue to be built throughout the city. New condos in Dallas are quickly becoming the most sought after real estate in the Dallas metropolitan area.
Living in a condo has its pluses and minuses but living in a condo in Dallas or any …

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Looking For A Condo In Dallas?

All About Dallas Condos for Sale

Searching for Dallas condos should be an exciting and fun experience, but it can turn into a hassle without the right Dallas condo professionals. At CondoDomain we have specialized knowledge about Dallas condos and each of the diverse neighborhoods in the downtown Dallas area.
Living in a Dallas condo places you in the center of exciting urban life.
Dallas urbanists never run out of exciting activities–whether they are rooting the Dallas Cowboys or the Texas Rangers, dining at one of the numerous restaurants or buffing-up on …

Former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Mansion Up For Sale, $24 Million

Steve Brown/Staff, Dallas Morning News

Former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback star Troy Aikman, has listed his 10,500-sq ft, 1.45 acres, Highland Park Home for sale for $24 Million. According to The Dallas Morning News, Troy Aikman’s mansion is the most expensive residence currently listed on the Dallas real estate market, with the next expensive listing for $16 million.
Located at 4425 Highland Dr. Dallas, TX 75205, the mansion is equipped with “custom arched glass doors with iron trim yield a double story atrium, hub for a large dining room with fireplace and …

Dallas is a Football Town

In 2011, when we host the Superbowl at the new Dallas Cowboys’ Stadium in Arlington, we could see a ticketed crowd of up to 120,000 fans. You know, with money from tickets for that game alone, plus revenue for hotels, restaurants, businesses – that one game could generate close to the billion dollars into the local economy for Dallas!

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