Survey Says: How Are We Doing?

Hello, Dallas! It’s been over two months since our new format, and we’d like to hear from you!

Are there topics you’d like to read about we haven’t addressed? Would you like to see more of some things and less of others? What keeps you reading? What hits your snooze button?

Feel free to answer the following questions, or add a comment of your own, below.

1)  Are you interested in high-end properties, mid-range properties or more affordable properties?

2)  Do you want to hear about local and national real estate news and trends?

3)  Do you want to see more “green” news and eco-trends or have you had it with going green?

4)  What do you love about our main website and what do you find confusing? Suggestions?

5)  What local lifestyle news would you like to read about?

6)  Do you love finding new shops to decorate your Dallas loft or condo?

7)  Are you looking to buy or rent a Dallas condo in this economy? Why?

I can’t promise we’ll address every request (that’s up to the folks with bigger parking spaces than mine), but I can guarantee we’ll read and respond to each note.  Let us know!

CondoDomain Dallas is a web-based real estate brokerage for condominium buyers and one of the first nationwide firms to refund commissions back to the consumer.

As one of the fastest growing ‘non-traditional’ real estate companies, CondoDomain leverages technology to create a systematic approach to ensure clients have better experiences and get a better price for their new home. On average, our clients not only save money by paying less for their new home, but also receive $10,000+ via a commission refund from our firm.

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A Real Estate Blog by CondoDomain