New FHA Loan Limits & The Condo Loan Center

Good news for FHA loans! As of last week, there are new maximum loan limits that are available due to the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act. These new loan limits are for new and existing loan applications that are submitted with credit approval on or after March 12, 2009.

Here is a list of the 2009 FHA Maximum Mortgage Limits*:

$729,750 for one-unit properties
$934,200 for two-unit properties
$1,129,250 for three-unit properties
$1,403,400 for four-unit properties

These new limits open up the possibilities for many new buyers! Now lenders can go as high as a $729,750 loan amount with only 3.5% down! So if you are in the market to buy and have previously been unable to put 10-20%  down, this is excellent news!

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View the all-new Condo Loan Center to learn more information. The Condo Loan Center offers everything from first-time homebuyer programs with down payment assistance, to private mortgage banking with unlimited loan amounts. In addition, the Condo Loan Center has the ability to act as a broker gives clients even more loan programs. Through the Condo Loan Center, you can rest assured that you will be provided with a competitive loan that meets your individual needs.

A complete schedule of FHA’s maximum county mortgage limits can be viewed through the HUD website by clicking here

*the list excludes financed UFMIP or EEM cost

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