Looking for Live/Work Loft Space? CondoDomain Dallas has the Answer!

No longer just for artists, the live/work loft space trend is hitting full stride.

The 2000-era worker is looking for flexibility and creativity in their work. Combine a living space with work space and you’ve got a marriage of convenience and utility.

CondoDomain Dallas offers great live/work space with these Dallas lofts:

Canton Street Lofts
2220 Canton Street
Dallas, Texas 75201

Canton Street Lofts formerly housed the Olive & Meyers Building, and served as a manufacturing plant until 1958, when it was sold to clothiers Leroy McMullin and Ray Stockton. Now a a residential loft building, it’s been the site of number movies, photoshoots, commercials, documentaries, as well as reality tv shows!

Four-star hotel luxuries abound at these Dallas lofts. A front desk concierge, underground parking, state-of-the-art security, and a fitness center and pool are just some of the amenities offered. There’s even the convenience of a jogging trail that winds around the outskirts of the rooftop!

The Canton Street Lofts offer up to 2,500 square feet of living space and each unit is one spacious loft that you divide as you choose, allowing open options for design in large, wide-open areas.

Find your perfect live/work space online at CondoDomain Dallas!

Units available:

$422,900, 2 Bd, 2 Ba, 2552
$375,000, 2 Bd, 2 Ba, 2320
$295,000, 2 Bd, 2 Ba, 2296
$290,000, 2 Bd, 2 Ba, 2296
$274,900, 1 Bd, 1 Ba, 1657
$254,900, 2 Bd, 2 Ba, 2431
$248,500, 2 Bd, 1 Ba, 2128
$248,500, 2 Bd, 1 Ba, 2128
$214,900, 1 Bd, 1 Ba, 1680
$211,900, 1 Bd, 1 Ba, 1680
$199,000, 1 Bd, 1 Ba, 1448
$175,000, 1 Bd, 1 Ba, 1494
$164,900, 1 Bd, 1 Ba, 1446
$149,000, 1 Bd, 1 Ba, 1680


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