Is This a Buyer’s Market? You Bet! Three Tips for Buying Your Dallas Condo or Loft

1)  If You Find a Dallas Condo or Loft You Love, Buy It!

The time to buy a home is when it’s right for you. Don’t wait just a “few more months until the market drops out,” because we don’t know when that’ll happen.  Could be now, could be next spring, who knows? There are GREAT deals out there, so shop, shop, shop! Remember, if you’re a first time homebuyer, you only have a few weeks left to close before the $8,000 tax credit deadline.

2)  Use Technology to Your Advantage~

CondoDomain Dallas offers thousands of properties online, so you can find that perfect Dallas condo or loft from your living room couch! There’s other great tech tools to help simplify things, too. Try Zillow’s Zestimates, which is a computer generated estimate of a home’s market value. Just click and go!

Give us a call when you’d like to tour a Dallas condo or loft, and we’ll organize things ASAP!

3)  Find the Right Realtor

A realtor is a great liason between you and the seller. It helps to have an expert in Dallas real estate explain the market, help you negotiate your offer, and finalize all paperwork.

Is your realtor working for you? We will. Call us!!

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