Eco-Friendly Dallas Condos

Everyone’s trying to be more green these days. Green collar jobs are the future, grocery stores offer discounts if you bring your own shopping bags, and cities are requiring that residents separate and recycle their trash before pickup. (By the way, the City of Dallas is currently phasing in its “OneDay” trash and recycle program. Eventually, every Dallas resident will only have trash picked up once per week (regular trash = green bins, to-be-recycled trash = blue bins). Check to ensure correct dates and rules.)

Dallas has been one of the key “green” cities in the United States, beginning in 1992 with the purchase of its first alternative fueled vehicle. In fact, as reported by, the city expects to complete “more than 25 green facilities between 2003 and 2010, including ten libraries, seven police and fire stations, one cultural center, three recreation centers, three service centers, and a homeless assistance center.”  Dallas was even voted No. 5 out of the 50 largest cities in the nation on its “Alternative Fueled City Fleets” due to approximately 41% of its fleet being hybrids or running on alternative fuels.

So…as the picture above proves, being green in Dallas doesn’t mean boring.  Why not simplify, help the environment, and “go green” by living an urban Dallas lifestyle?

Take note of two of our hot properties that are eco-friendly:

The Azure (please contact a CondoDomain agent to confirm occupancy dates)

Condo highlights: Though striving for a platinum LEED rating, Azure is set to at least achieve gold status, featuring 143,000 square feet of 1″ EnergyGlaze™ insulated glass fabricated by Vitro America’s Dallas facility.



Buzz Lofts
Condo highlights: rainwater irrigation systems, wind-powered electric service, extended overhangs to generate shade, terrazzo tiling made from recycled glass and drought-tolerant landscaping. Free moped with purchase!

Want to save some green?  Call a DallasCondoDomain agent today!

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