Day Trip Dallas: J.F. Warnock Hardware Store

Verlyn Jaresh, Proprietor

Verlyn Jaresh ambles to the door of her hardware store and points to a 75-year-old pecan tree across the street. She remembers how the tiny sapling pushed its way through the battered sidewalk generations ago—the neighborhood kids would kick it when it was little.  Today, it’s a stalwart reminder of times past entangled with times present–much like her grandfather’s store: J.F. Warnock’s Hardware Store.

Built in 1915 by Jeptha Franklin Warnock, the transom windows of the original storefront acquaint observers with Bluff Dale’s history—a story intensified by the words of Mrs. Jaresh. Warnock Hardware sells everything from PVC pipe to leather work gloves and flyswatters. It hides treasures in corners next to boxes with contents unknown.

J.F. Warnock Hardware Store (storefront, downtown)

But the biggest treasure you’ll find is Mrs. Jaresh. Her cheerful resolution illustrates a pride in the store, and she tempers it with her liberal library of local yarns.  Tales of the 1936 Texas State Fair or ghastly truths about the Snow axe murders are lightened by a snappy grin and self-deprecating jokes.  Many of these anecdotes are long buried, but if you stop by and chat with her, you never know what she might dig up!

J.F. Warnock Hardware Store
147 N. Greenwood, Bluff Dale, Texas 76433 Phone (254) 728-3263
Hours: ~If you see a red pickup they’re open~

Suspension bridge over Paluxy River  (close to hardware store)


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