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There’s a little bit of green development in Dallas trying to keep up with the trend of “Going Green”.  Azure, a 375-foot condo was Dallas’ first venture into LEED, green living, as far as residential condo development is concerned.  Construction of the Azure aimed to receive the LEED gold certification from the USGBC.

I investigated at what certification Azure actually received and unfortunately could not find anything more specific than it was the first LEED certified building in Dallas (Anyone got any info on this?) Regardless of the level of certification…it is great to see the Green in Dallas’ urban development.

Bottom line, it is refreshing to find that in today’s modern new condominium development construction seeks to not only create modern luxury but environmentally friendly and efficient as well.

Some of the eco-friendly building features found at Azure are a high-performance engineered window system with clear anodized aluminum framing and insulated clear double glazing with Low-E coating; energy efficient lighting meeting National Energy Code; LEED certified building envelope and heating/air conditioning; and high-quality roller/motorized shading system made of sun control fabric.

Built by the highest national construction and architectural standards, Azure stands tall with blue glass of shimmering high into the sky, gleaming across the skyline as if the Caribbean Sea was dusted with glitter.

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Officially beginning in 2009 through 2011, The Green Building Ordinance will take effect in the city of Dallas. According to the article, Green Building Ordinance Approved by Council, the development community will be at the forefront and required to take some new steps into improving our Dallas communities to keep them sustainable for generations to come.

The City of Dallas aims to do what they can to work with the developers and builders to better educate and lead them into this world of new restrictions as well as work together to find all of the new possibilities.

The green building movement right now is being driven by tenants, according to many developers, and Dallas residents should expect to see more of what Azure has accomplished in future developments.

Although green projects tend to carry a financial premium, they end up benefiting not only the environment but the resident as well with reduced operating costs. Yet another reason why Dallas condos are becoming a cost effective solutions.

Stay tuned for more “Going Green” action in Dallas

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Source: Green Building Ordinance Approved by Council

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