Dallas is a Football Town

We may not care about the teams playing in the Superbowl, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it. Or enjoy NOT watching it.

Here in Dallas, we like a good party. Good food. Good shopping. Relax at the spa. And Superbowl Sunday gives us a reason to enjoy it all.

All that will change in 2011, when we host the Superbowl at the new Dallas Cowboys’ Stadium in Arlington. We could see a ticketed crowd of up to 120,000 fans. You know, with money from tickets for that game alone, plus revenue for hotels, restaurants, businesses – that one game could generate close to the billion dollars into the local economy for Dallas! And of course the 20 million or so that was required for a budget to host, is also not a problem in Dallas. Roger Staubach was right not to be worried. As we know, the sponsorship and advertising opportunities for this one event are huge.

We think big here in Texas. We always did.

So this year, enjoy the party on Texas sized televisions, with the greatest food in the world. Lets have fun this year, and next year, keeping the best that Dallas has to offer to ourselves. And then…

Get ready to set the gold standard in 2011. Cowboy Stadium will host the Superbowl. And after 2011, no one will want to go anywhere else.

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