Avondale Town Homes; New on the MLS

Avondale town homes are single family units located in the high end residential Oak Lawn neighborhood. Located at the address 4103 Avondale Avenue, residents are within walking and or a short drive to popular restaurants, shopping, pet-friendly parks & recreation facilities. Avondale town homes are reasonably priced with the newest available unit listing for the low price of $175,000, making this the perfect place for a first time town home buyer.

There are currently 3 available units at the Avondale town homes listing on the MLS Unit #1, Unit #2 & Unit#6, each unit offering different floor plans and unit features. Browse through the pictures below and let us know how these units compare to your first home, or which you’d like to snag off the market. Feel free to contact us today to schedule a tour of the Avondale town homes.

Photos Courtesy of www.realtor.com

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