Are You Ready For Some Football!?

Football season is finally upon us….Cowboys fans, are you ready?

This Sunday at 3:15pm, the Dallas Cowboys will officially start their season in an away game against the Cleveland Browns.

Will this finally be the year for Tony Romo? Will T.O. finally be able to back up that famous ‘tude of his? All these questions and more will be answered as the 2008 Football season unfolds.

In week 2, the Cowboys return home to face off against the Philadelphia Eagles in Texas Stadium.

Now that the NFL season will officially kick off this evening, odds are anyone living in and around the Dallas area are bound to experience some celebrity sightings. Jessica Simpson anyone? Rumors are that Tony Romo takes up residences in a North Dallas condo…

Want to be in on the action? Check out some of these awesome Dallas condos. Who knows, maybe one of these Cowboys will be your neighbor!

And of course…Contact Us today to speak with our very own Dallas condos guru Keith Smith.

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