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Welcoming our guest blogger from Alexan MD Urban Apartments:

Why apartments may be better than condos for rent in Dallas, TX.

There has always been a debate whether apartments or condos for rent in Dallas, TX are the better choice. These kinds of properties often have some very similar features yet are not the same. For most people, it will be helpful to look beyond the surface details before deciding on a new home.

Apartments have changed

People that have never lived in an apartment or have not lived in an apartment for a long time may have some cherished notions that are not necessarily true. People might assume that the walls are thin and units are noisy or that there is not much in the way of style or features in the units. The fact is that many of the newer units have floor plans that are about the same as modern single-family houses. With building standards always improving, many properties have been constructed using a variety of green building methods. This leads to better insulation in the walls that make units quieter while also making them more economical to heat and cool.

Many of the newer units have the same features that people can find in most modern tract homes such as finishes and storage. Units often have gourmet kitchens with granite counter-tops and stainless steel appliances.

Apartments tend to offer a lot in the way of amenities. These can be recreational features like sport courts, large patio areas around the pool that make good options for al fresco dining or even a pet park. Another feature that people like is having a tenant portal on the website. This allows them to pay rent or schedule repairs. Some sites also include a calendar of events. This shows tenants what things are going on as to parties or events at the complex. These can be holiday parties, charity events or even book clubs or craft clubs. Many people like this for the social aspect in getting to know neighbors better but also that it provides free or cheap entertainment.

Condos as a choice

Some people will prefer condos. These are actually about the same as apartments in some ways such as floor plans and basic amenities. The problem with these is that these are individually owned and may or may not have professional managers. Owners may not always know the laws regarding leases or be prompt to make repairs. It can also be harder to compare condos in terms of price due to size or features, as there may be fewer of these available.



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