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We hope that all of you have enjoyed a wonderful summer and we thought that we would send you a quick note with FIVE very exciting ‘things’ about our company!

1.    Hook up your friends and family! We are entering condo-buying season and we want to make sure we get the word out and remind you about our business model.  Here @ CondoDomain.com we work on a flat fee commission, so regardless of what you buy, we are compensated the same and refund the remainder of our commission to you.  On average our clients receive more than $13,000 back from us at the closing. So, be a good friend or family member and refer them to us so they can too save thousands of dollars and thank YOU for it!  Here is how it works.

2.    Breaking News! CondoDomain.com is pumping the Boston economy with its buyer broker commission refund.   At the end of August, the company has given back more than $300,000 to its clients in Boston.  Mr. Greenspan would be so proud of us!  Our clients have used their refund to purchase new furniture, electronics, paid down condo fee’s and mortgage payments and one even bought a new car!  Help us get to $1M and refer our company and our team members to your friends and family.  Check out our team.

3.    Commission Refunds are NOT taxable! Whooohooo.  How did I miss this one?  Via one of our most favorite clients (we love you all), we got some scoop that our commission refunds to our clients are NOT considered taxable income!  So no matter if we are giving you back $5,000, $10,000 or our record breaking $35,000 cash refund – it is not considered taxable income!!!  More here on our blog.

4.    Developers & Marketing Personal Give It To Us! Our clients are thirsty for updated information on your new development.  Got news?  New details?  Cool updates?  Send it our way and we will post to our online audience.  Contact Jessica.

5.    Keith Smith, Gary Tole & Dallas, TX. We are ecstatic to announce the opening of our second market – Dallas, TX!  Local brokers Keith Smith & Gary Tole have helped us launch our flat fee buyers brokerage model in the Lone Star state.  Welcome to the team Keith & Gary and we look forward to building Dallas with you!  Visit the new Dallas website.

As always, we want to personally thank all of your for your referrals, help and support in making CondoDomain.com what it is today.


The Entire CondoDomain Team
Boston & Now Dallas!

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